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Latest Release for SexGaymes

Fuck My Eager Hungry Hole - Sc 2 - 22nd September 2017

Two smooth, European studs Erik Tell and Helmut Muller are taking part in the action with a spirited fuck in a beautiful log cabin in a gonzo style fuck that keeps the cameras rolling to catch the action as it happens!

Latest Release for Teens and Twinks

Tim - 22nd September 2017

Hunky teen Tim has the hottest hairy legs. Watch him put on a hot naked show, caressing his sturdy cock on the couch in a delicious display of twink flesh.

Latest Release for Teens and Twinks

Indy - 22nd September 2017

Indy is such a tough guy on the outside but he's got gay secret; he is quite the exhibitionist and loves to show off his cock on camera. Don't disappoint him by missing the show.

Latest Release for On The Hunt

Danny and Mark - 21st September 2017

Mark and Danny have hooked up before – a bunch of times – and Danny is the one who applied to OnTheHunt and convinced Mark to join him. These boys have a ton of energy and they do some major cock sucking, some incredibly devoted rimming, and then a hot, flip-flop fuck scene. Mark is covered in tats and piercings with shaved-smooth ass – he is a self-proclaimed rimming devotee.

Latest Release for Ricky Raunch

Gag That Fag Vol 3 - Sc 2 - 21st September 2017

Tony Simon is on the receiving end of the cock sucking of his life. Simon Sledge is the on administering the sloppy suck giving equal attention to the balls as well as shaft (as any cocksucker worth their mustard would) and being royally rewarded with a face full of cum.

Latest Release for StraightMen

Ryan Andrews Fucks Gary Fountain - 21st September 2017

Gary Fountain was about to move away. So Ryan Andrews gave him a fuck to remember. And what a farewell fucking it is! This video has some hardcore, crazy fucking and both of these boys love it and you gotta love the mouthful that Gary takes on his face.

Latest Release for Dirty Boy Video

I Love This Cock! - 21st September 2017

One look at Jeffrey sucking James' fat cock was all it took to get Mike interested! They barely say hello before James is sucking Mike's nipples! He licks his way down to Mike's pants, going down on that huge uncut piece of meat. Mike wants Jeffrey's cock in his ass so urgently there isn't time to undress! Dropping trou, shirts still on, Jeffrey fervently humps and grinds Mike's hungry asshole. Mike breathlessly shouts out, "I love this cock!" before his creamy white spunk explodes from dick!

Latest Release for Bare

Triple Play - Sc 4 - 20th September 2017

This is hardcore action at its finest as the HDK Dungeon gets a fine workout from the filthiest freaks on the block.

Latest Release for Jake Cruise

Cypher and Jake - 20th September 2017

Cypher is a cute young man from Alaska who is great in bed. He really knows how to suck cock and kiss. And I really enjoyed sticking my joy beads up his ass while I milked him from behind. He shot his load with the beads inside as I yanked his meat backwards behind his round ass. Damn it was hot.

Latest Release for Cocksure Men

Tristan Jaxx and Angelo Antonio - 20th September 2017

Muscle bottom Angelo Antonio poses and flexes for the camera as Tristan Jaxx worships his massive physique. Tristan has his work cut out for him as Angelo is one HUGE hunk of man. Paying homage to Angelo gets Tristan's humongous cock hard as nails. He's soon hammering his massive meat into Angelo's beautiful bubble-butt. After he's finished fucking, Tristan does a great job painting Angelo's bulging pecs with his warm cum.

Latest Release for Rearstable

D.O. & Marc Dylan - 20th September 2017

Spreading Marc Dylan's smooth butt cheeks apart, D.O. gains easy access to his twitching hole. The handsome power top stretches the ass crack open and licks it clean. Marc gets up to suck D.O.'s dick. and he then lays back with his head over the side of the bed, opens his mouth wide so D.O. can really cram his dick down his gullet. D.O. Marc soon mounts D.O.'s perfect dick and they start screwing. With all this overwhelming stimulation, Marc jacks away at his stiffy until he climaxes and D.O. follows, blasting his load onto his exhausted partner. Released 20th September

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Liam, Mitch and Dane's 3 Way - Part 1 - 20th September 2017

We met Liam last week and he was up for more than just a solo so we brought in the big guns - big dicked Dane and power bottom Mitch. There definitely is no shortage of cock in this scene! It's clear from the interview with the three that Liam is the least experienced - this excites the hell out of Mitch and Dane and they look forward to pushing his boundaries! Mitch deepthroats Dane's big dick - gagging on it and then moving on to Liam's. He just wants every orifice to be filled ... and boy does it in the finale! Released 20th September

Latest Release for Laughing Asians

Two Ticklish - 19th September 2017

Rodz has both Enrique and Marky tied to the big bed for some double tickle fun. This is a wild video. Great foot tickling in this one!

Latest Release for High Octane

College Cocks 2 - Sc2 - 19th September 2017

School's out for the afternoon, but if this college student thinks he's going to get some reading done on school grounds, he's got another think coming. When he spots another student jerking off in the bushes, these guys decide to combine their efforts for a group study session. What eventuates is a hot outdoor fuck session with skills these hotties would never have learned in a classroom.

Latest Release for BangBangBoys

Mikael, Gustavo and Tony D bang - 19th September 2017

Mikael, Gustavo and Tony are at the beach - working on their tans and playing in the sun. With three hot guys playing together the sexual tension builds up so much that they just have to escape the beach and head back for an afternoon fuck session. Mikael finds himself the meat in the middle of the Latin sandwich which suits him just fine as he loves nothing more than being fucked hard while he sucks on someone's cock. And like the best meat in any good sandwich he gets covered in sauce .... Released 19th September

Latest Release for Falcon TV

Alpine Wood Part 1 - Sc 4 - 18th September 2017

The groans of Ryan Rose and Kayden Fleming reverberate through the house. A blow job is under way. Kayden is flat on his back getting his cock, balls and foreskin worked over. If Ryan's head and neck swiveled any faster, he'd give himself whiplash. A bead of precum emerges from Kayden's cock and Ryan slurps it up like a bee gathering nectar. Kayden is brawny and pale, with a wash of dark hairs from his Adam's apple to his pubes. Ryan is smooth and tan, without an ounce of body fat. Ryan bends over the bed, his buns flaring in anticipation of being drilled by Kayden's advancing cock. Muscles ripple as they slam their pelvises together. Ryan flips onto his back and spreads his long legs, his body shuddering with Kayden's pneumatic thrusts. Kayden pulls his cock out of Ryan's blistering hole, cum spraying in all directions, and Ryan climaxes at the same time, shooting long-distance arcs of jism past his shoulder. Released 18th September

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