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Latest Release for SexGaymes

Dirty Locker Room Guys - 24th November 2017

The minute that Heath got an eyeful of Liam and Kia's big schlongs he knew that he couldn't contain himself. So he gets himself well and truly nailed by them before they blow all over his face.

Latest Release for Boykakke

Cum Goggles - 24th November 2017

Poi warned sexy Chom that he had a huge load of cum and his balls were about to explode, so we provided this sexy man with some nice goggles so he could witness the explosion. It was a brilliant burst of white creamy Boykakke goodness.

Latest Release for Tribal Twinks

Jorge - 24th November 2017

We got Jorge to strip off and show off that luscious mound of pubic hair that surrounds his hot twink dick. The Latino stud isn't afraid of showing off his goods for the camera - and we love that confidence.

Latest Release for On The Hunt

Peter and Bryan - 23rd November 2017

Peter is a military transplant from the UK and lucky for us Bryan is totally into uncut cock which our British bottom just happened to be. There is also a nice age difference between the 2 with Bryan being just 19 and Peter being 32. The younger guy ends out being the top which is a hot twist! Peter is a great submissive bottom making sure Bryan's cock is serviced with both of his talented holes!

Latest Release for StraightMen

Cody Springs Fucks Gary Fountain - 23rd November 2017

Like many before him, Cody was real nervous about fucking a guy for the first time. I told him that it would be just like fucking a chick ... sort of. He laughed and said it would be easier if he closed his eyes so he could think about his girlfriend. I told him, "That's what masks are for ..." I knew Gary Fountain would make Cody's first time one he'd never forget. Gary loves ass play, plus he knows how to suck a mean cock! Once these guys got down to business, it wasn't long before Cody was ready to take off that mask and cum into the light.

Latest Release for Ricky Raunch

Gag That Fag Vol 3 - Sc 6 - 23rd November 2017

Colin East is ready for the blow job of his life. Sometimes its fast - sometimes its slow - each gobby stroke is designed to achieve maximum pleasure for the suckee.

Latest Release for Dirty Boy Video

Tar Beach Flip Fuck - 23rd November 2017

Unseen at first, JT peeks around the corner, rubbing his hand against his swelling erection thru the fabric of his shorts. Andrew is unfazed when he spots him, and signals him closer. Hungry for cock, JT goes down on Andrew's spit slick dick! Resisting the urge to shoot his load right in JT's mouth, he instead pulls JT to his feet, yanks down his shorts and runs his tongue under and around JT's balls. Andrew's tongue works it's way around to JT's sweet bubble butt, probing deep between his ass checks. Usually a top, JT is surprised to hear himself moaning and craving Andrew's cock in his ass. Andrew obliges, stuffing his aching cock full on into JT's tight hole. But it's Andrew's ass that gets the real pounding. JT takes charge, pulling his ass off of Andrew's dick and pushing Andrew against the wall. His shorts around his ankles, JT crams his fattie into Andrew's ass, thrusting hard and fast. "You're fucking the cum out of me!" he sighs as gob after gob of jizz sprays onto the tar around his feet!

Latest Release for Bare

FFucking FFantastic - Sc 2 - 22nd November 2017

This scene is deep - not deep as in they confess their love - and not deep in that they discuss philosophy - but deep as man can get his arm into another man. Deep.

Latest Release for Jake Cruise

Lewis and Clarke - 22nd November 2017

Lewis and Clarke are 2 Hot young studs who I picked up and took home to film as they explore each others bodies. Just watch!

Latest Release for Cocksure Men

Doug Acre and Bryce Star - 22nd November 2017

Doug makes Bryce wait a little while to get fucked, taking his time sucking Bryce's dick and feeding Bryce his own. Both guys are great cocksuckers. After eating Bryce's horny hole, Doug eases himself deep inside Bryce's ass. Bryce loves the pounding Doug gives him. Bryce strokes his cock wildly while riding Doug. He hops off and cums all over Doug's smooth chest.

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Charlie - 22nd November 2017

Charlie is kind of new to Australia - originally he's from Europe which you can hear in his thick accent. He's got some really interesting tattoos which he shows off for us before stripping down to his Union Jack undies. He then strokes his cock for a bit before we introduce him to the wonders of the fleshjack - which he has some fun with before he jerks himself off. His cum shot is pretty bloody impressive - covering up some of those tattoos on his chest with thick gooey cum. Released 22nd November

Latest Release for Fetish Force

RJ Danvers and Kain Warn - 22nd November 2017

It's an upside down twisted world...RJ Danvers with his ass high in the air giving Kain full access to his waiting hole. Kain pours in a gallon of J-lube and within minutes Kain's bare fist is inside his willing man puppet. Danvers spreads his cheeks wide because he wants more. Kain gives him what he wants and works his hole over and over until he's open wide. Kain doesn't miss an open opportunity as he continually plunges his fist like a slow moving pile driver down into the bowels of RJ's gaping hairy ass. Kain works him over like a master. Danvers is a pig slut bottom. He pulls his legs back further and further begging for more and more. Kain uses both his hands as he further opens RJ's greedy hole. Kain asks Danvers to push out, looking for the rosebud that he knows is there. Danvers complies and gives up a nice deep red one. Danvers can't get enough and wants more of Kain's fist. Kain complies and gives the hungry bottom what he's asking for. Kain flips Danvers over to plow his ass from behind with his arm and fist until they both cum Released November 22nd

Latest Release for CyberBears

Bear Paws - Sc 4 - 21st November 2017

Threesome Chet, Supercub, and Jake handily demonstrate all the ways to use and abuse your fellow bear on a portable sling. Someone won't be sitting the same way for a while after this one is over.

Latest Release for Laughing Asians

Iesans Fetish Fuck - 21st November 2017

Ricky finally gets his opportunity to unleash his lightning fast tickling fingers on Iesan's adorable feet. Little did we realize his feet are so intensely sensitive and ticklish, they were as lightning fast at twitching around as Ricky's fingers!

Latest Release for High Octane

Horse Club - Sc 2 - 21st November 2017

Enrico Bellagio and Steve Hunt are two of our sexiest High Octane Hunks with drop dead gorgeous faces, hot physiques and BIG, uncut European dicks. In this release they take advantage of the young Divko, spit roasting him. Couple the hot men with the hot sex, a beautiful outdoors farm location, and the rocket facial delivered by Enrico and you have a very sexy episode.

Latest Release for BangBangBoys

Marcello Mastro barebangs Hugo - 21st November 2017

Marcello and Hugo are making out on the bed but Hugo wants to get inside Marcello's pants. He unzips his jeans and reveals Marcello's monster cock. He immediately wraps his lips around the thick beast making sure every inch is rock hard. Marcello then takes Hugo's cock in his mouth and then flips him over to bury his face deep in Hugo's tight white ass. Hugo is groaning with pleasure as Marcello's tongue is almost as talented as his fat cock. All lubed up and ready for the schlong assault Hugo takes every inch of Marcello's bare dick. His expressions oscillate between absolute pleasure and the pain of his ass being ripped apart by that huge dick! Marcello pounds him mercilessly and then blow his load all over Hugo's face! Released 21st November

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