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Latest Release for Jake Cruise

Derek Nicks Serviced - 18th July 2018

Derek is a sweet straight kid who loves being played with. He is also fairly ticklish and was a lot of fun in bed. Now I just have to see if he'll go further. He was very comfortable with me touching, sucking and rimming him.

Latest Release for Bare

Straight Guys - Sc2 - 18th July 2018

Straight guys shooting load after load!

Latest Release for Cocksure Men

Jake Genesis and Jimmy Roman - 18th July 2018

Jimmy licks Jake's armpits, chest and abs. Jimmy's tongue moves down to Jake's cock, which is poking out of his jock ready to have Jimmy's lips wrapped around it. Jimmy takes Jake's cock and deep throats it. Jake then gets Jimmy on his back and gets his mouth on Jimmy's hot uncut cock; teasing the foreskin back and forth. Jake then throws Jimmy's legs back and digs his tongue into his tight hole. He kisses Jimmy's feet and suck his toes. Jake slips his finger up Jimmy Roman's ass before he gets him on all fours and shoves his thick cock up his young ass.

Latest Release for CyberBears

Bear Party 2 - Sc 3 - 17th July 2018

From role play against the brick walls of the dungeon to bondage on the old cot in the ominous Red Room, these men will show you everything and more. We tried to keep things orderly, but the action just kept going!

Latest Release for Laughing Asians

Iesans So Ticklish - 17th July 2018

Get ready to see the most ticklish Asian boy feet on earth! Iesan's feet are not only perfectly smooth and shaped, they are excruciatingly ticklish! What a tickler's dream feet they were to tickle.

Latest Release for High Octane

Backdraft Men - Sc 3 - 17th July 2018

Blond-tinted Garcia Udulo is joined by super-sexy Rick Bauer and massive brunette Terence Kiadas in this video. Garcia pulls out his tool and watches as Rick beautifully sucks off Terence\'s thick cock. Garcia finally joins, giving Rick another dick to suck. Rick ends up on his back, with Terence fucking him and jacking him off. Rick cums and the tops finish on his body.

Latest Release for Falcon TV

Naughty Pines 2 - Sc 3 - 16th July 2018

Jeremy Walker skips the naked horseplay in the river, waiting for Brian Bonds to emerge so he can follow him. A well-worn trail leads to a clearing in the redwoods where Jeremy spreads a blanket. Following Brian, ogling the butt crack exposed above the waistband of his shorts, Jeremy's dick grows so hard it interferes with unbuttoning his shorts. Brian is eager to suck him, and while his jaws work over Jeremy's cock and balls, his hands reach up to grasp Jeremy's huge pecs. Brian has the same problem with his own pants. Hardness and urgency lead to fumbling, but it never gets in the way of applying constant friction and suction on Jeremy's cock. Then he locks his lips around Jeremy's balls while Jeremy adds the last few manual flourishes to make himself erupt. Brian is quick to capture the cum in his mouth, which sends him over the top: he douses his own hairy torso with cum. Released 16th July

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

4-Way Harvey, Hunter, Leo & Levi Part 2 - 15th July 2018

The awesome foursome head off to the bedroom to get down to the serious action. It's a pile of man meat on the bed as they flip and change positions to make sure everyone's cock is getting sucked. When the four stand up and compare cocks you can see that we're working with a butcher's full of prime cuts. For the new guy Harvey is sucking dick like a pro - he deepthroats Leo's large one causing Leo to lie back and moan with pure pleasure. Leo's ready and Harvey and Hunter get on all fours while Leo and Levi get ready to fuck their fine asses. Harvey gets an ass full of Leo's cock - he flips him around the bed in several positions before turning the tables and fucking Leo's ass. Hunter likes what he sees and turns the tables on Levi too. Versatility is the spice of life! It feels too fucking good and Hunter suddenly squeals 'Fuuuuck" and blows his load. Harvey's next to blow but Leo wants more ass. Levi lays back stroking his cock while Leo fucks his ass and the other watch on. That does the trick and the two blow huge loads over each other. Break out the energy drinks - that was epic! Released 15th July

Latest Release for Dirty Dawg Productions

CutlerX, Adam Russo and Draven Torres - 15th July 2018

Cutler X and his massive uncut chocolate stick are back for more as Adam Russo and Draven Torres get their wish when they are treated to hot bareback sex with one of the biggest and fattest cocks online. Adam wastes no time as he firmly plants his tongue into Draven’s ass, rimming him deep and getting him ready for the ride of his life. Rock solid and hard from the get go, Cutler’s dick stands tall and at attention as it is swallowed by Draven’s tight butt. Rolling around in every three way combination there is, Cutler shows us why he is The Top and The Stallion of the scene. He fucks and plows ass deep as they both tag team Draven’s muscle butt. Cum shoots and spews from each cock as the sex reaches its climax. Sweaty and covered in their own juices another awesome fuck session has been enjoyed by us all… Released 15th July

Latest Release for Bare

Pigs Gone Wild - Sc2 - 14th July 2018

The action in PIGS GONE WILD is not staged, IT'S REAL and NATURAL. Real men, fisting and fucking non-stop, doing whatever felt good. The asses get punched, fucked and stretched beyond your wildest imaginations.

Latest Release for Hot Dads Hot Lads

David Benjamin & Josh Benson - 14th July 2018

Muscle stud David Benjamin is watching TV waiting for Josh Benson to get home. As soon as Josh walks into the room, he tells David he's exhausted. David calls him over to ease his long day. David proves to be a pushover as all it takes is a few kisses to get Josh re-energized. He makes sure Josh gets a mouthful of daddy's dick. David gets on his knees and gets a taste of the young lads cock. Josh bends over so that David can eat his ass and get it ready to be plowed. David mounts his young stud and firmly pounds his hungry hole doggy-style. After getting his ass pounded by David, Josh sits on his cock facing him. He must be a pro rider, the way he handles David's pole. After the ride they get into the missionary position and fuck some more. Ready to bust their loads they sit next to each other and stroke. David Benjamin is the first to pop. He splatters his tan body with his cum. While Josh Benson blasts away his huge load on his left shoulder surprising David. They end the fun with a kiss.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Marcos and Tristan - 13th July 2018

Dark haired beauties Tristan Phoenix and Marcos David fuck in the kitchen. Phoenix applies his culinary skills to Marcos's huge curving monster, swallowing the big cock down his gullet and bending over the stove to let Marcos prep him with some deep tongue basting to his hole.

Latest Release for Teens and Twinks

Sydney - 13th July 2018

Sleepyhead Sydney gets his asshole fingered and receives a handjob in this rare display of outsider interference. Watch him allow the unseen stranger to have his way with him.

Latest Release for On The Hunt

David and Tyler - 12th July 2018

Tyler shows what a good bottom he can be by rimming his top stud and blowing him until he's throbbing hard and ready to fuck. Tyler gets on his back, lubes his hole and David finally gets to bang that hole.

Latest Release for StraightMen

Johnny Castle Solo - 12th July 2018

After being named Men Magazine's Man of the Year, our buddy Johnny Castle has been busier than ever. Working for companies like Playgirl, Club Jenna, Hustler, and Penthouse have made Johnny one of the most sought after studs around. He keeps his body in perfect shape by working out daily and shooting hoops. Though Johnny is busier than ever these days, he wasn't too busy to stop by, chat with us, stroke his thick cock, and shake his beautiful ass for the cameras.

Latest Release for Ricky Raunch

My Need to Breed - Sc 3 - 12th July 2018

Max is on his knees sucking and slurping on Nick's thick headed meaty cock as his own boner is dancing and bopping back and forth. He pushes Nick onto the bed as they both entwine into a 69 position. Gorging on each other's cock it's not long before their tongues are rimming one another. Nick's pink hole is twitching and eager to be filled just as Max is ready to fuck some bare ass. He slides into Nick's raw hole as his cock disappears into his crack. Max pounds his ass deep as he grinds his dick deeper into him. It's Nick's turn to return the favor as he flips Max onto on all fours. He pushes his raw cock into Max's ass with such ease and delight. Each working up a fantastic sweat as they continue to flip fuck each other back and forth. Nick unleashes his nut all over Max's chest just as Max is unloading his nut all over Nick's raw hole. He throws his cock back into his ass as he continues to seed Nick full of load. They collapse in cheerful bliss covered in their own sloppy juices.

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